Hey floaters! Joey Here!


So excited at the response we have seen so far! I love seeing the reactions on peoples faces after they float for the first time. Makes everything worth it!

Things got so busy that even myself dedicated all my time, energy and thoughts to bringing Uptown Float to Columbus. So many hurdles that came our way, some that we are even still dealing with “sorry guys about the chill lounge/vanities repairs starting this week!” but we will overcome.

Its been months since I last floated, this is my own fault, I started to neglect myself in the entire process, always had an excuse, my anxiety was through the roof! I floated today in float room 3 🙂 It was much needed and just amazing. I got to finally experience the float rooms that WE built.

Im thinking clear again, feeling refreshed mentally, almost like I won an internal battle with my own mind.  A coach of mine once said “dont let the mind bully the body”. Wise words indeed. I feel victory!!!

Our goal from the very beginning was to help people, I have no doubt that this will.

Love you guys! Thanks for all your support!


Will be doing this more often 🙂

Joey Wolfenbarger

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