Uptown Float

Uptown Float

Floating Explained

What Is Floating?

During a float you are suspended effortlessly in a super saturated solution of epsom salt and water within a light and sound controlled environment that reduces sensory stimulation and effectively suspends the effects of gravity on the central nervous system. The water is at skin temperature and after a few minutes you lose the awareness of where the body ends and the water begins. Resting in this unique environment creates profound changes within the mind/body system and actually improves the overall function of the brain and central nervous system. After your first float you may think it seems like magic but it’s actually backed by over thirty years of mainstream scientific research in human performance. Looking for a deeper dive on the science and benefits of floating? Check out the 7 Theories of Floating.

I'm Sold, Let's Do This!

It sounds pretty amazing – and now you’re ready to float your way to the best you possible. The next step is easy, just visit our Pricing and Memberships page and book a float, buy a package of floats, or sign up for the ultimate floating experience with our monthly membership plans. For all new customers, we always recommend The 390 float package. It takes a few floats to fully realize the benefits. After your first float you’ll have a pretty good idea what floating is all about (and you’ll love it!), after your second float you will realize you barely scratched the surface with your first float and you start to see the amazing potential in front of you, after your 3rd float you’ll know what floating can really do for you